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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 5

1 a Which was one of the fiue principal cities of the Philistims.

2 ! The Philistims bring the Arke into the house of Dagon, which idole fel downe before it.

2 b Which was their chief idole, & as some write, from the nauil downwarde was like a fishe, and vpwarde like a man.

5 c Thus insteade of acknowledging the true God by this miracle, they fall to a farther supersticion.

8 d Thogh thei had set Gods power & were affraied thereof, yet they wolde farther trie him, which thing God turned to their destruction & his glorie.

8 ! The Arke is caryed into Gath and after to Ekron.

11 e The wicked, when they fele the hand of God, grudge & rejecte him, where the godly humble them selues & crye for mercie.