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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 4

1 / From the departure of the Israelites out of Egypt, vnto the time of Samuel are about 390 yere.

1 / Or, stone of helpe, chap. 7, 12.

1 ! Israel is ouercome by the Philistims.

3 a For it may seme that this warre was vndertaken by Samuels commandement.

4 ! They do set the Arke, wherefore the Philistims do feare.

4 b For he vsed to appeare to the Israelites betwene the Cherubims ouer the Arke of the couenant, Exod. 25, vers. 17.

7 c Before we sought against men, and now God is come to fight against vs.

8 d For in the red Sea in the wildernes the Egyptians were destroyed, which was the last of all his plagues.

10 e Dauid alluding to this place {Psal 77,63} saieth they were consumed with fire: meaning they were sodenly destroyed.

19 ! The death of the wife of Phinehas the sonne of Eli.

19 / Or, to crye out.

19 i And setled her body toward her trauel.

22 k She vttered her great sorrowe by repeting her wordes.