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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 21

1 a This othe came of rashenes and not of judgement for after they brake it, in shewing secretly the meanes to mary with certaine of their daughters.

1 ! The Israelites sweare that they wil not mary their daughters to Benjamites.

4 b According to their custome, when they wolde consult with the Lord.

6 c Or, repented that they had destroied their brethren, as appeareth {vers. 15}.

8 d Condemning them to be fauters of vice, which wolde not put their hand to punish it.

10 ! They stay them of Jabesh Gilead, and giue their virgines to the Benjamites.

10 / Ebr. children of strength.

13 e To wit, about four monethes after the discomfiture, {Chap. 20, 47}.

13 / Or, friendly.

17 g Benjamin must be reserued to haue the twelft portion in the inheritance of Jaakob.

19 h He describeth the place where the maides vsed yerely to dance, as the maner then was & to syng Psalmes and songs of Gods workes emongs them.

21 ! The Benjamites take the daughters of Shiloh.

22 i Thogh they thoght hereby to persuade men that they kept their othe, yet before God it was broken.