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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 20

32 p Meaning, crosse wayes or paths to diuers places.

34 q They knewe not, that Gods judgement was at hand to destroy them.

39 s For they were waxen hardy by the two former victories.

45 x They stewe them by one & one, as they were scacered abroad.

46 y Besides eleuen hundreth that had bene slaine in the former battelles.

46 ! And at length get the victorie.

1 ! The Israelites assemble in Mizpeh, to whome the Leuite declareth his wrong.

1 a That is, all with one consent.

1 b To aske counsel.

2 / Ebr. corners.

6 e That is , her pieces, to euerie tribe a piece, {Chap. 19, 9}

10 g These onely shulde haue the charge to prouide for vitaile for the rest.

13 i Because they wolde not suffre the wicked to be punished, they declared them selues to maintaine them in their euil, & therefore were all justely punished.

18 k That is, to the Arke, which was in Shiloh: some thinke, in Mizpeh, as {vers. 1}

21 l This God permitted, because the Israelites partely trusted to muche in their strength, and partely God wolde by this meanes punish their sinnes.

25 / Ebr. all they drawing the worde.

28 n Or, serued in the Priests office at those daies: for the Jewes write that he liued thre hundreth yeres.