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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 19

1 ! A Leuites wife being an harlot, forsoke her housband, and he toke her againe.

3 / Ebr. to her heart.

5 / Ebr. rose vp.

8 b Meaning, that he shulde refresh him selfe with meate, as {vers. 5}.

9 / Or, the day lodgeth.

9 c To wit, to the towne or citie where he dwelt.

12 d Thogh in these daies there were most horrible corruptions, yet very necessitie colde not compel them to haue to do with them that professed not the true God.

21 / Ebr, men of Belial: that is giuen to all wickednes.

25 ! At Gibeah she was moste vilenously abused to the death.

27 / Or, fallen.

29 ! The Leuite cutteth her in pieces and sendeth her to the twelue tribes.

30 l For this was like the sin of Sodom, for the which God rained down sire & brimstone from heauen.