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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 18

1 a Meaning no ordinarie Magistrat, to punishe vice according to Gods worde.

2 ! The children of Dan send men to searche the land.

2 b For the porcion which Joshua gaue them, was not sufficient for all their tribe.

3 c Thei knewe him by his speache that he was a stranger there.

6 d Thus God granteth the idolaters sometime their requests to their destruction that delite in errors.

9 e Lose ye this good occasion through your slouthfulnes?

11 ! Then come the six hundreth & take the gods, and the Priest of Michah awaie.

14 f Because thei before had had good successe, thei wolde that their brethren shulde be encouraged by hearing the same tidings.

17 g So supersticion blinded them, that thei thoght Gods power was in these idoles, & that thei shulde haue good succes by them, thogh by violence & robbery they did take them awaye.

24 k This declareth what opinion the idolaters haue of their idoles.

27 ! They destroy Laish.

28 ! Thei buyld it againe,

28 m Which after was called Cesarea Philippi.

30 o That is, til the Arke was taken, {1 Sam. 5, 1}.

30 ! And set vp idolatrie.

30 n Thus in stead of giuing glorie to God, their attributed the victorie to their idoles, & honored them therefore.