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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 16

1 / Or, vitailer.

1 b That is, he lodged with her.

5 c Of the value of a shekel read, {Gen. 25, 15}.

9 e When fire cometh nere it.

10 f Thogh her falsehood tended to make him, lose his life, yet his affection so blined him that he colde not beware.

13 g It is impossible, if we giue place to our wicked affections, but at length we shal be destroied,

17 i Thus his immoderate affections to warde a wicked woman caused him to lose Gods excellent gifts, & become slaue vnto them, whome he shulde haue ruled.

19 k Not for the losse of his heere, but for the contempt of the ordinace of God, which was the cause that God departed from him.

22 l Yet had he not his strength againe, til he had called vpon God, and reconciled him selfe.

25 m Thus by Gods just judgements they are made slaues to infidels, which neglect their vocacion in defending the faithful.

28 n According to my vocation, which is to execute Gods judgements vpon the wicked.

28 / Ebr. take one vengeance.

30 o He speaketh not this of dispare, but humbling him selfe for neglecting his office & the offence thereby giuen.

30 ! He pulleth down the house vpon the Philistims, and dyeth with them.