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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 17

1 a Some thinke this historie was in the time of Othniel, or as Josephus writeth, immediatly after Joshua.

3 / Michahs mother according to her vowe made her sonne two idoles.

3 b Contrary to the commandement of God and true religion practised vnder Joshua, they forsoke the Lord and fel to idolatrie.

5 / Ebr. filled the hand of one.

5 ! He made his sonne a Priest for his idoles.

6 d For where there is no magistrat fearing God, there can be no true religion, nor ordre.

9 f For in those daies the seruice of God was corrupt in all estates and the Leuites were not loked vnto.

11 g Not considering that he forsoke the true worshiping of God for to mainteine his owne belly.

13 h Thus the idolaters persuade them selues of Gods fauour, when in deede he doeth detest them.