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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 15

3 b For through his father in laws occasion, he was moued againe to take vengeance of the Philistims.

6 ! The Philistims burnt his father in lawe & his wife.

6 d Or, the citizen of Timnath.

6 e So the wicked punish not vice for loue of justice, but for feare of danger, which els might come to them.

9 / Or, camped.

11 g Suche was their grosse ignorance than they judged Gods great benefite to be a plague vnto them.

13 h Thus they had rather betray their brother, then vse the meanes that God had giuen for their deliuerance.

15 ! With the jawebone of an asse he killeth a thousand men.

15 i That is, of an asse lately slaine.

18 k Wherby appeareth, that he did these things in faith, & so with a true zeal to glorifie God & deliuer his countrey.

19 ! Out of a great tothe in the jawe God gaue him water.

19 / Or, the fountaine of him that prayed.