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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 6

1 ! Israel is oppressed of the Midianites for their wickednes.

2 a For feare of the Midianites thei fled into the dennes of the mountaines.

6 c This is the end of Gods punishments, to call his to repentance that they may seke for helpe from him.

13 d This came not of distrust, but of weakenes of faith, which is in the moste perfect: for no man in this life can haue a perfect faith, but the children of God haue a true faith, whereby they be justified.

14 e That is, Christ appearing in visible forme.

14 f Which I haue giuen thee.

17 g So that we se how the flesh is enemie vnto Gods vocation which cannot be persuaded without signes.

21 i By the power of God onely, as in the sacrifice of Helias, {1 King. 18,38}.

25 k That is, as the Chalde text writeth, fed seuen yeres.

28 m Meaning the fat bul, which was kept to be offred vnto Baal.

31 n Thus, we oght to justify them that are zelous of Gods cause, thogh all the multitude by against them.

36 p This request preceded not of infidelitie, but that he might be confirmed in his vocation.

40 q Whereby he was assured that it was a miracle of God.