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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 7

1 / Ebr. En-Harod.

2 ! The Lord commandeth Gideon to send a way parte of his companie.

2 a God wil not that anie creature depriue him of his glorie.

4 b I wil giue thee a proof to knowe them that shal go with thee.

5 c Let them departe, as vnmete for this enterprise.

7 d That is, the one and thirtie thousand and 700.

8 / Or, incouraged.

9 e Thus the Lord by diuers meanes doeth strengthen him that he faint not in so great an enterprise.

13 f Some read, a trembling noise of barley bread: meaning that one of no reputacion. shulde make their great armie to tremble.

15 g Or, gaue God thankes, as it is in the Chade text.

16 h These weake meanes God vsed, to signifie that the whole victorie came of him.

18 i That is, the victorie shalbe the Lords and Gideons his seruant.

22 ! The Midianites are discomfitted by a wonderous sort.

22 l The Lord caused the Midianites to kil one another.

24 m Meaning the passages or the foords, that they shulde not escape.

25 n These places had their names of the actes that were done there.