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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 5

1 ! The song and thankesgiuing of Deborah and Barak after the victorie.

2 a To wit, the two tribes of Zebulin and Naphtali.

7 c Miraculously stirred vp of God to pitie them & deliuer them.

10 e Ye gouernours.

11 g For now you may drawe water without feare of your enemies.

12 h To wit, them that kept thy people in captiuitie.

14 i Joshua first fought against Amalek, and Saul destroyed him.

14 k Euen the learned did helpe to fight.

15 m They merueiled that they came not ouer Jorden to helpe them.

17 n She reproueth all them that came not to helpe their brethren in their necessitie.

17 o Ether by beating of the sea, or by mining.

21 q As a besome doeth the filthe the of the house.

23 r It was a citie nere Tabor where thei fought.