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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 4

1 ! Israel sinne and are giuen into the hands of Jabin.

1 / Ebr. added or continued to do euil.

2 a There was another Jabin, whome Joshua killed & burnt his citie Hazor, {Josh. 11,13}.

4 c By the Spirit of prophecie, resolving of controuersies and declaring the wil of God.

4 ! Deborah judgeth Israel and exhorteth Barak to deliuer the people.

6 d And reueiled vnto me by the Spirit of prophecie.

8 e Fearing his owne weakenes & his enemies power, he desireth the Prophetesse to go with him to assure him of Gods wil from time to time.

11 f Meaning that he possessed a great parte of that countrey.

11 / Ebr. from Kain.

11 / Or, posteritie.

14 g She stil encourageth him to this enterprise by assuring him of Gods fauor & aide.

17 h Whose ancesters were strangers, but worshipped the true God, & therefore were joyened with Israel.

17 ! And is killed by Jael.

21 k That is the pinne or stake whereby it was fastened to the grounde.

22 l So he sawe that a woman had the honour as Deborah prophecied.