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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 2

1 a That is, messenger or Prophet, as some think, Phinehas.

1 ! The Angel rebuketh the people because they had made peace with the Canaanites.

6 b After that he had deuided to euery man his porcion by lot, {Josh. 24,23}.

9 d Heres by turneing the letters backeward is Sereh, as {Josh. 24,30}.

11 ! The Israelites fel to idolatrie after Joshuas death.

11 e That is, all maner of idoles.

13 f These were idoles which had the forme of an ewe or shepe among the Sidonians.

15 h The vengeance.

16 / Or, Magistrates.

16 / Ebr. saued.

18 / Ebr. repented.

22 m So that bothe outwarde enemies and false Prophets are but a trial to proue our faith, {Deut. 13,3}.

22 ! Why God suffred idolaters to remaine among them.