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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 3

1 a Which were acheued by the hand of God and not by the power of man.

2 b For they trusted in God & he fought for them.

10 e He was stirred vp by the Spirit of the Lord.

11 f That is, 52 vnder Joshua, and 8 vnder Othniel.

12 g So that the enemies of Gods people haue no power ouer them, but by Gods appointement.

15 / Or, left-handed.

19 h Or, as some read, from the places of idoles.

19 i Til all be departed.

27 / Or, caused the trumpet to be blown, {Nomb. 20,2}.

30 k Meaning the Israelites.

31 l So that it is not the nomber, nor the meanes that God regardeth when he wil get the victorie.