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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Judges 1

1 a By the judgement of Vrim: read {Exo. 28,30 nom 27,21 1 Samuel 28,6}.

2 ! After Joshua was dead, Judah was constitute captaine.

3 c For the tribe of Simeon had their inheritance withing the tribe of Judah, {Josh. 19,1}.

6 d This was Gods juste judgement as the tyrant him selfe confesseth, that as he had done, so did he receiue, {Leuit. 24,19}.

6 ! Adonibezek is taken.

8 e Which was afterward buylt againe and possesed by the Jebusites, {2 Sam. 5,6}.

10 f These thre were giants, & the children of Anak.

14 g Read {Joshua ???,28}.

16 h This was one of the names of Moses father in lawe, read {Nom.10,29}.

18 i These cities and others were afterward possessed of the Philistines, {1 Sam. 6,17}.

19 ! The Canaanites are made tributaries, but not destroyed.

21 k For after that the tribe of Judah had burnt it, they built it againe.

27 l Wherefore God permitted the Canaanites to dwel stil in the land, read {Chap. 3,4}.

30 m That is the tribe of Zebulum, as is also to be vnderstand of the rest.

32 n But made them pay tribute as the others did.

35 o Meaning when he was stronger then they.

36 p Which was a citie in Arabia, or as some read, from the rocke.