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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 24

1 ! Joshua reherseth Gods benefites.

1 b Before the Arke which was broght to Shechem, when they went to bury Josephs bones.

7 d Euen fourtie yeres.

11 e Because it was the chief citie, vnder it he conteineth all the countrey: els they of the citie fought not, {Chap. 3,14}.

14 f This is the true vse of Gods benefites, to learne thereby to feare and serue him with an vpright conscience.

15 g This teacheth vs that if all the worlde wolde go from God, yet euerie one of vs particularly is bonde to cleaue vnto him.

15 / Ebr. if it be euil in your sight.

18 h How muche more are we bonde to serue God in Christ, by whome we haue receiued the redemption of our soules.

22 i If you do the contrarie, your owne mouthes shal condemn you.

25 l By joyning God and the people together: also he repeated the promises and threatenings out of the Lawe.

25 ! The league renued betwene God and the people.

27 m Rather then mans disimulation shulde not be punished, the dume creatures shal crye for vengeance.

31 n Suche are the people commonly as their rulers are.

33 / Ebr. Gibeath Phinehas.