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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 23

1 ! Joshua exhorteth the people, that they joyne themselues not to the Gentiles.

1 / Ebr. ???

4 / Or, ouerthrown these nacions.

5 b Which yet remaine and are not ouercome, as {Chap 13,2}.

7 d Let not the Judges admit an othe, which anie shal swear by their idoles.

7 c And not yet subdued.

12 / Or haue conuersacion with them.

13 e Meaning they shalbe a continual grief vnto you, and so the cause of your destruction.

14 f I dye according to the course of nature.

15 / Or, threatenings.

15 ! And threatenings if they forsake him.

16 h He sheweth that no euil can come vnto man, execept he offend God by disobedience.