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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 22

1 a After that the Israelites enjoyed the land of Canaan.

1 ! Reubin, Gad and the halfe tribe of Manasseh are sent againe to their possessions.

2 b Which was to go armed before their brethern, {Nom. 32,29}.

5 c He sheweth wherein consisteth the fulfilling the Lawe.

8 e Which remained at home and went not to warre. {Nom. 31,27, 1 sam. 30,24}.

10 / Ebr. Geliloch whch countrey also was called Canaan because the Amorites dwelling there were called Canaanites.

10 f That is, beyond Jorden: for some time the whole countrey on bothe sides of Jorden is ment by Canaan.

12 g Suche now was their zeal, that they wolde rather lose their liues, then suffer the true religion to be changed or corrupted.

16 h Not onely of the princes, but also of the commune people.

17 i Meaning, God is not pacified, for as muche as no punishment can be sufficient for suche wickednes and idolatrie.

19 l To vse anie other seruice then God hathe appointed, is to rebel against God, {1 Sam. 15,23}.

20 m Signifying that if manie offred for one mans faute, for the faute of manie all shulde suffre.

28 p They signifie a wonderful care that they bare towarde their posteritie, that they might liue in the true seruice of God.

31 r Whome if ye had offended, he wolde haue punished you.

31 q By perseruing vs and gouerning vs.

33 / Ebr. said.