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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 21

2 a By Moses, by whose ministerie God shewed his power.

4 b He meaneth them that were Priests: for some were but Leuites.

4 c Euerie tribe gaue mo or fewr cities according as their inheritance were great or litle. {Nom. 35,8}.

9 d For Aaron came of Kohath, and therefore the priests office remained in the familie.

13 e That it, the priest of the familie of the Kohathites, of whome Aaron was chief.

17 f The suburbes were a thousand cubites from the wall of the citie rounde about, {Nom. 35,4}.

21 h Hebron and Shechem were the two cities of refuge vnder the Kohathites.

27 k Golan and Kedesh were the cities of refuge vnder the Gershonites.

34 l They are here called the rest, because they are last nombred, and Merari was the youngest brother, {Genes. 46,11}.

36 m Bezer and Ramoth were the cities of refuge vnder the Merarites and beyonde Jorden, {Chap. 20,8}.

41 ! The cities giuen to the Leuites in nomber eight & fourtie.

41 n Thus according to Jaakobs prophecie, they were scattered throghout the countrey, which God vsed to this end, that his people might be instructed in the true religion.

44 ! The Lord according to his promes gaue the children of Israel rest.