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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 10

1 ! Fiue Kings make warre against Gibeon whome Joshua discomfiteth.

3 a That is, Lord of justice: so tyrants take to themselues glorious names, when in dede they be verie enemies against God and all justice.

5 b So enuious the wicked are, when anie departe from their bande.

8 c Lest Joshua shulde haue thoght that God had sent this great power against him for his vnlauful league with Gibeonites, the Lord here strengtheneth him.

11 d So we se that all things serue to execute Gods vengeance against the wicked.

11 ! The Lord rained hailestones and slewe manie.

13 e Some read, in the boke of the righteous, meaning Moses. The Chalde texte readeth in the boke of the Lawe: but it is like that it was a boke thus named which is now lost.

14 f By taking away the enemies heartes & destroying them with hailestones.

21 g Or, that in safetie so that none gaue them as muche as an euil worde.

24 h Signifying what shulde become of the rest of Gods enemies, seing the Kings them selues were not spared.

28 / Joshua taketh Makkedah.

30 / Libnah is taken.

40 i Some read, Ashedoth, which signifieth the descentes of the hilles.

43 l Where the Arke was, there to giue thankes for their victories.