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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 11

1 a The more that Gods power appeareth, the more the wicked rage against it.

2 ! Diuers Kings and cities, and countreis ouercome by Joshua.

2 b Which the Euangelistes call the lake of Genezereth, or Tiberias.

6 d That nether they shuld serue to the vse of warre, nor the Israelites shulde put their trust in them.

8 e Which signifieth, hot waters, or according to some brine pittes.

13 g Which were strong by situation & not hurt by warre.

15 ! Joshua did all that Moses had commanded him.

17 k So called, because it was bare & without trees.

20 ! God hardeneth the enemies hearts that they might be destroyed.

20 l That is, to giue them ouer to them selues: and therefore they colde not but rebelle against God & seke their owne destruction.

22 m Out of the which came Goliaeth, {1 Sam. 17,4}.