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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 9

1 b The maigne Sea called Mediterraneum.

1 ! Diuers Kings assemble them selues against Joshua.

7 d For the Gebeonites and the Hiuites were all one people.

9 e Euen the idolaters for feare of death wil pretend to honour the true God & receiue his religion.

12 f The wicked lacke no art nor spare no lices to set forthe their policie, when they wil deceiue the seruantes of God.

14 g Some thinke that the Israelites ate of their vitailes, & so made a league with them.

18 i Fearing lest for their faute the plague of God shuld haue light vpon them all.

20 k This doeth not establish rash othes, but sheweth Gods mercie towarde his, which wolde not punish them for this faute.

23 l For the vses of the Tabernacle, & of the temple when it shalbe buylt.

23 ! For their craft they are condemned to perpetual sclauerie.

26 m Who were minded to put them to death for feare of Gods wrath.