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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 2

1 ! Joshua sendeth men to Jericho, whome Rahab hideth.

1 a Which place was in the plaine of Moab nere vunto Jorden.

1 / Or, tauerners house, or hostes.

3 b Thogh the wicked se the hand of God vpon them, yet thei repent not, but seke how they may by their power resist his meanes.

6 c Meaning vpon the houses for then their houses were flat vboue, so that they might do their busines thereupon.

9 d For so God promised, {Deut. 28:7, Chap. 5:1}.

11 / Or, spirits.

11 / Or, melted.

11 e Herein appeareth the great mercie of God, that in this commune destruction he wolde draw a moste miserable sinner to repent & confesse his Name.

17 h We shal be discharged of our othe, if you doest performe this condicion that followeth: for so shalt you & thine be deliuered.

20 k So that others shulde thinke to escape by the same meanes.

21 ! The spies returne to Joshua with comfortable tidings.

21 / Or, scarlet coulored.