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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 3

1 a Which according to the Ebrewes was in Marche, and about 40 daies after Moses death.

2 b Which time was giuen for to prepare them vitailes, {Chap. 1,16}

3 ! Joshua commandeth them to departe when the Arke remoueth.

7 ! The Lord promiseth to exalt Joshua before the people.

8 c Euen in the chanel, where the streame had runne, as {Chap. 3,17}.

12 e Which shulde set vp twelue stones in remembrance of the benefite

15 f Because the reuer was accustomed at this time to be ful, the miracle is so muche the greater.

16 ! The waters parte asunder whiles the people passe.

17 g Ether tarying til the people were past, or, as some read, fure, as thogh they had bene vpon drye land.