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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 1

1 a The beginning of this boke dependeth on the last chap. of Deut, which was writen by Joshua as a preparacion to his historie.

2 ! The Lord incourageth Joshua to inuade the land.

4 b Of Zin, called Nadesh & Paran.

4 d Called, Mediterraneum.

4 ! The borders and limites of the land of the Israelites.

5 ! The Lord promiseth to assist Joshua, if he obey his worde.

7 e He sheweth wherein consisteth true prosperitie, euen to obey the worde of God.

8 f Shewing that it was not possible to gouerne wel without continual studie of Gods worde

11 ! Joshua commandeth the people to prepare them selues to passe ouer Jorden,

11 g Meaning from the day that this was proclaimed.

12 ! And exhorteth the Reubenites to execute their charge.

13 h Which belonged to Sihon the King of the Amorites, and Og King of Bashan

15 i By your request, but yet by Gods secret appointement, {Deut. 33,21}.

17 k They do not onely promes to obey him so long as God is with him: but to helpe to punish all that rebelle against him.