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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 29

1 b At the first giuing of the Lawe, which was fourtie yeres before.

1 ! The people are exhorted to obserue the commandements.

1 a That is the articles, or condicions.

4 d He sheweth that it is not in mans power to vnderstand the mysteries of God, if it be not giuen him from aboue.

6 e Made by mans arte, but manna, which is called the bread of Angels.

10 ! The whole people from the hiest to the lowest are comprehended vnder Gods couenant.

10 f Who knoweth your heartes, & therefore ye may not thinke to dissemble with him.

12 g Alluding to them, that when they made a sure couenant, diuided a beast in twaine, and past betwene the partes diuided, {Gen. 15,10}

18 i Suche sinne, as the bitter frute thereof might choke and destroye you.

19 k For as he that is thirsty, desireth to drinke muche, so he that followeth his appetites, seketh by all meanes, & yet can not be satisfied.

19 ! The punishment of him that flattereth him selfe in his wickednes.

19 / Or, flatter.

22 l Gods plagues vpon them that rebell against him shalbe so strange, that all ages shalbe astonied.

24 ! The cause of Gods wrath against his people.

26 / Or, which had not giuen them a land to possesse.

29 m Moses herby reproueth their curiositie, which seke those things that are onely knowen to God: & their negligence, that regard not that, which God reueiled vnto them, as the Lawe.