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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 30

1 a By calling to remembrance, both his mercies & his plagues.

1 ! Mercie shewed when thei repent.

6 e God wil purge all thy wicked affections: which thing is not in thine owne power to do.

8 f If we wil haue God to worke in vs with his holy Spirit, we must turne againe to him by repentance.

9 g He meaneth not that God is subject to these passions, to rejoyce or to be sad: but he vseth this maner of speaking to declare the loue that he beareth vnto vs.

11 h The Law is so euident that none can pretend ignorance.

13 i By heauen & the sea he meaneth places most farre distant.

14 l By faith in Christ.

16 m So that to loue & obey God is onely life & felicitie.

16 n He addeth these promes to signifie that it is for our profite that we loue him, & not for his.

19 o That is, loue & obey God: which thing is not in mans power, but Gods Spirit onely worketh it in his elect.

19 ! Life and death is set before them.