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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 28

1 a He wil make thee the moste excellent of all people.

1 ! The promes to them that obey the commandements.

6 e All thine enterprises shal haue good successe.

8 g God wil blesse vs, if we do our duetie, & not be ydle.

10 h In that he is thy God and thou art his people.

12 i For nothing in the earth is profittable, but when God sendeth his blessings from heauen.

23 k It shal giue thee no more moysture, then if it were of brasse.

24 / Or, Out of the ayre, as dust raised with winde.

25 l Some read, you shalt be a terrour & feare, when thei shal heare how God hathe plagued thee.

26 m Thou shalt be cursed bothe in thy life and in thy death: for the buryal is a testimonie of the ressurection, which signe for thy wickednes you shalt lacke.

29 n In things moste euident & cleare thou shalt lacke descretion & judgement.

32 o When they shal returne from their captiuitie.

36 p As did Manassah, Jehoichim, Zedichias & others.

42 q Vnder one kinde he condemneth all the vermine, which destroye the frutes of the land: and this is an euident token of Gods curse.

46 r Gods plagues shalbe euident signes, that he is offended with thee.

56 s As came to passe in the daies of Joram, King of Israel, {2 King 6,29}, and when the Romans besieged Jerusalem.

57 t Hunger shal so bite her, that she shal be ready to eat her childe before it be deliuered.

58 u For he that offendeth in one, is guiltie of all, {Jam. 2,10}

61 x Declaring that God hathe infinite meanes to plague the wicked, besides them that are ordinarie or written.

64 y Signifyng that it is a singular gift of God to be in a place where as we may worship God purely & declare our faith & religion.

68 x Because thei were vnmindeful of that miracle, when the Sea gaue place for them to passe through.