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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 27

1 ! They are commanded to write the Lawe vpon stones for a remembrance.

3 b God wolde that his Law shulde be set vp in the borders of the land of Canaan, that all that loked thereon might knowe that the land was dedicate to his seruice.

5 c The altar shulde not be curiously wroght, because it shulde continewe but for a time: for God wolde haue but one altar in Judah.

5 ! Also to buylde an altar.

8 d That euerie one may wel read it and vnderstand it.

10 e This condition God hathe bounde thee vnto, that if you wilt be his people, thou must kepe his Lawes.

13 g Signifying that if they wolde not obey God for loue, they shulde be made to obey for fear.

13 ! The cursings are giuen on mount Ebal.

15 h Vnder this he conteineth all the corruption of Gods seruice, & the transgression of the first table.

16 i Or, contemneth: & this apperteineth to the second table.

18 l Meaning, that helpeth not and conseleth not his neighbour.

24 o For God, that seeth in secret, wil reuenge it.