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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 26

2 a By this ceremonie they acknowledged that they receiued the land of Canaan as a fre gift of God.

2 b To be called vpon, serued, & worshipped spiritually {Chap. 12,5}.

5 ! What they must protest when they offer them.

5 d Onely by Gods mercie, & not by their fathers deservings.

5 c Meaning Jaakob who serued 20 yeres in Syria.

7 e Aledging the promes made to our fathers, Abraham , Issac, & Jaakob.

9 f In token of a thankful heart, & mindful of this benefite.

11 g Signifing that God giueth vs not goods for our selues onely, but for their vses also, which are committed to our charge.

13 ! Their protestation in offring it.

13 h Without hypocrisie.

14 m As farre as my sinneful nature wolde suffer: for els as Dauid & Paul say, there is no one juste {Psal 14,4, rom. 3,10}.

14 i By putting them to anie prophane vse.

14 k Or, for anie necessitie.

18 o Signifing that there is a mutal bonde betwene God & his people.

19 ! To what honour God preserreth them which acknowledge him to be their Lord.