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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 17

1 a Thou shalt not serue God for facions sake, as hypocrites do.

1 ! The punishment of the idolater.

2 b Shewing that the crime can not be excused by the frailtie of the persone.

3 c Whereby he condemneth all religion and serving of God which he hathe not commanded.

7 d Whereby they declared that they testified the trueth.

7 e To signifie a commune consent to mainteine Gods honour and true religion.

9 f Who shal giue sentence as the Priests consel him by the Lawe of God

9 ! Hard controuersies are broght to the Priest and the judge.

11 g Thou shalt obey their sentence that the controuersie may haue and end.

12 h So long as he is the true minister of God, and pronounceth according to his worde.

12 ! The Contemner must dye.

15 i Who is not of thy nacion, lest he change true religion into idolatrie, and bring thee to slauerie.

15 ! The election of the King.

16 k To reuenge their injuries, and to take them of their best horses, {1 King 10,28}.

18 m Meaning the Deuteronomie.

18 n He shal cause it to be writ by them, or, he shal write it by their example.

20 o Whereby is ment, that Kings oght to loue their subjects, as nature bindeth one brother to loue another.