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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 18

1 a That is, the Lords parte of his inheritance.

1 ! The portion of the Leuites.

6 c Meaning, to serue God vnfainedly and not to seke ease.

6 ! Of the Leuite comming from another place.

10 e Signifyng they were purged by this ceremonie of passing betwene two fires.

13 f Without hypocrisie, or mixture of false religion.

15 g Meaning a continual succession of Prophets, til Christ the end of all Prophets come.

15 ! God wil not leaue them without a true Prophet.

18 h Which promes is not onely made to Christ, but to all who teache in his Name. {Isa. 59,21}

22 k Vnder this sure note he compriseth all the other tokens.

22 ! How he may be knowen.