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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 16

1 ! Of Easter.

3 c Which signified that affliction which you haddest in Egypt.

5 d This was chiefly accomplished, when the temple was buylt.

6 e Which was institute to put them in remembrance of their deliuerance out of Egypt: & to continue them in the hope of Jesus Christ, of whome this lambe was a figure.

9 f Beginning at the next moring after the Passeouer, {Leuit 22,15, exo 13:4}

10 / Or, as thou are able, willingly.

13 g That is, the 15 day of the seuenth mounth, {Leu. 23,24}.

13 ! And the feast of tabernacles.

17 h According to the abilitie that God hathe giuen him.

18 i He gaue autoritie to that people for a time to chuse for them selues magistrates.

20 k The magistrate must constantly follow the tenor of the Lawe, and in nothing decline from justeice.