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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 15

2 a He shal onely release his dettors, which are not able to pay for the yere.

4 b For if thy dettor be riche, he may be constrained to pay.

5 ! God blesseth them that kepe his commandements.

7 ! To helpe the poore.

11 c To trie your charitie, {Mat 26,11}.

14 e In token that thou doest acknowledge the benefite which God hathe giuen thee by his labours.

18 g For the hired seruant serued but thre yeres, and he six.

19 ! The first borne of the cattel must be offred to the Lord.

19 h For they are the Lords.

22 i Thou shalt as wel eat them as the roe bucke, and other wilde beasts.