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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 14

1 ! The maners of the Gentiles in marking them selues for the dead, may not be folowed.

2 a Therefore you oghtest not to followe the superstitions of the Gentils.

4 ! What meates are cleane to be eaten, and what not.

4 b This ceremonial Lawe instructed the Jewes to seke a spiritual purenes, euen in their meat & drinke.

21 c Because their blood was not shed, but remaineth in them.

22 e The tithes were ordeined for the maintenance of the Leuites, which had none inheritance.

26 g After the priest hathe receiued the Lords parte.

28 k Besides the yerely tithes that were giuen to the Leuites, these were laide vp in store for the poore.

29 ! The tithes for the Leuite, stranger, fatherles, and widowe.