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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 13

1 a Which saith, that he hathe things reueiled vnto him in dreames.

1 ! The inticers to idolatrie must be slaine, seme they neuer so holy.

2 b He sheweth whereunto the false prophets tend.

3 c God ordeineth all these things that his may be knowen.

5 d Being contemned by testimonies & condemned by the judge.

6 e All natural affections must giue place to Gods honour.

6 ! So nere of kinred or frendship,

14 h Which art appointed to se fautes punished.

16 i Signifyng that no idolatrie is so excreable, nor more grieuously to be punished, then of them which once professed God.

17 k Of the spoyle of that idolatrous & cursed citie, read {Chap. 7,26}.