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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 12

1 a Whereby they are admonished to seke none other God.

4 c Ye shal not serue the Lord with superstitions.

8 ! To serue God where he commandeth, and as he commandeth, and not as men fantasie.

8 f Not that they sacrificed after their fantasies, but that God wolde be serued more purely in the land of Canaan.

10 g It had not bene ynough to conquer, except God had mainteined them in rest vnder his protection.

11 / Or, that which ye chuse out for your vowes.

14 h As was declared euer by the placing of the Arke, as in Shiloh 243 yeres, or as some write, more then 300 yeres, & in other places till the temple was buylt.

15 k Euerie one might eat at home as wel the beast appointed for sacrifice as the other.

15 i As God hathe giuen thee power & abilitie.

17 l Meaning, whatsoeuer was offred to the Lord, might not be eaten, but where he had appointed.

23 m Because the life of beastes is in their blood.

23 / Ebr. be strong or constant.

28 o God by promes bindeth him selfe to do good to them that obey his worde.

30 p By following their superstitions & idolatries, & thinking to serue me thereby.

31 q They thoght nothing to deare to offer to their idoles.

31 ! Idolaters burnt their children to their gods.