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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 33

0 & This mappe properly apperteineth to the 33 Chap. of Nombers. This mappe declareth the way, which the Israelites went for the space of fourtie yeres from Egypt through the wildernes of Arabia, vntil they entred into the land of Canaan, as it is mencioned in Exod. Nomb. & Deuter. It conteineth also the 42 places where they pitched their tentes, which are named Nomber. 33 with the obseruacion of the degrees, concerning the length and the breadth, and the places of their abode set out by nombers.

1 a From whence they departed, and whither they came.

1 ! Two & fourtie journeys of Israel are nombred.

4 b Ether meaning their idoles, or their men of autoritie.

7 c At the commandement of the Lord, {Exo, 14,2}.

38 d Which the Ebrews call Ab, and answereth to part of Julie & part of August.

52 c Which were set vp in their hie places to worship.