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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 32

1 b Which mounteine was named of the heape of stones that Jaakob made as a signe of the couenant betwene him & Laban, {Gen. 31,47}.

1 a Reuben came of Leah, & Gad of Zilpah her handmaide.

11 / Or, preserued & continued.

13 c Because thei murmured, nether wolde belieue their report, which tolde3 the trueth as concerning the land.

22 h The Lord wil grante you this land which ye require.

23 i Ye shal asseuredly be punished for your sinne.

28 k Moses gaue charge that his promes made to the Reubenites & others shulde be performed after his deathe, so that thei brake not theirs.

31 l That is, attributed to the Lord which his messenger speaketh.

33 ! The Gadites, Reubenites, and halfe the tribe of Manasseh, conquer and buylde cities on this side Jorden.

33 m The Amorites dweled on bothe sides of Jordan: but here he maketh mention of them, that dwelt on this side: And {Josh. 10,12}, he speaketh of them that inhabited beyonde Jordan.