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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 22

1 a Being at Jericheo, it was beyonde Jordan: but where the Israelites were, it was on this side.

5 ! King Balak sendeth for Balaam to curse the Israelites.

5 c To wit, Euphrates, vpon the which stode this citie Pethor.

7 d Thinking to bribe him with giftes to curse the Israelites.

8 e Whome before he called Elders: meaning the gouernors, & after calleth the seruants: that is, subjects to their King.

12 f He warrened him by a dreame that he shulde not consent to the kings wicked request.

13 g Els he shewed him selfe willing, couetousnes had so blinded his heart.

16 h The wicked seke by all meanes to forther their naughty enterprises, thogh thei knowe that God is against them.

19 i Because he tempted God to require him contrary to his commandement, his petition was granted, but it turned to his owne condemnation.

22 ! The Angel of the Lord meteth him, & his asse speaketh.

22 k Moued rather with couetousnes then to obey God.

31 o For whose eyes the Lord doeth not open, they can nether se his angre nor his loue.

32 p Bothe thy heart is corrupt and thine enterprise wicked.

34 / Ebr. I wil returne to me.

35 q Because his heart was euil, his charg was renued, that he shulde not pretend ignorance.

36 r Nere the place, where the Israelites camped.

38 s Of my selfe I can speake nothing: onely what God reuealeth, that wil I vtter, seme it good or bad.

38 ! Balaam protesteth that he wil speake nothing but that which the Lord putteth in his mouthe.