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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 23

2 a For among the Gentiles the Kings oft times vsed to sacrifice, as did the Priests.

5 ! God teacheth him what to answer.

7 d Cause that all men may hate & detest them.

7 / Or, prophecie.

10 g The feare of Gods judgements caused him to wishe to be joyened to the housholde of Abraham: thus the wicked haue their consciences wounded when thei consider Gods judgements.

10 f The infinite multitude, as the dust of the earth.

14 / Or, into the field of them that spied: to wit, lest the enemy shulde approche.

19 h Gods enemies are compelled to confesse that his gouernement is juste, constant, & without change or repentance.

19 ! God is not like man.

21 i They triumph as victorious Kings ouer their enemies.

23 k Considering what God shal worke this time for the deliuerance of his people, all the worlde shal wonder.

27 l Thus the wicked imagine of God, that, that which he wil not grante in one place, he wil do it in another.