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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 6

2 a Which separated them selues from the world, & dedicated them selues to God: which figure was accomplished in Christ.

2 ! The lawe of the consecration of the Nazarites.

7 c In that he suffred his heere to growe, he signified that he was consecrate to God.

9 d Which long heere is a signe that he is dedicate to God.

12 f Beginning at the eight day, when he is purified.

12 g So that he shal beginne his vowe anewe.

18 i For the heere, which was consecrated to the Lord, might not be cast into anie prophane place.

18 h In token that his vowe is ended.

21 k At the least he shal do this, if he be able to offre no more.