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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 7

2 ! The heades or the princes of Israel offre at the setting vp of the Tabernacle

2 / Or, captaines.

3 a Like horslitters to kepe the things, that were carryed in them from wether.

9 d The holie things of the Sanctuarie must be caryed vpon their shulders, and not drawen with oxen, {Chap. 4,15}

10 e That is, when the first sacrifice was offred thereupon by Aaron, {Leuit. 9:1}.

84 f This was the offring of the princes when Aaron did dedicate the Altar.

89 i According as he had promised, {Exod. 25,22}.

89 ! God speaketh to Moses from the Merciseat.

89 h That is, the Sanctuarie.