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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 5

2 ! The Leprous & the polluted shalbe cast forthe.

3 a There were thre maner tents, of the Lord, of the Leuites, & of the Israelites.

3 / Or, in a place out of the hoste.

6 b Commit anie faute wilingly.

8 c If he be dead, to whome the wrong is done, and also haue no kinsman.

9 d Or, things offred to the Lord, as firstfrutes, &c.

12 e braking the band of mariage, and playing the harlot.

14 / Ebr. if the spirit of jealousie come vpon him.

15 f Onely in the sinne offring, & this offring of jealousie were nether oyle nor incense offred.

15 ! The tryal of the suspect wife.

15 g Or making the sinne knowen, and not purging it.

17 h Which also is called the water of purification or sprinkeling, read {Chap.19,9}.

18 i It was so called by the effect, because it declared the woman to be accursed and turned to her destruction.

21 k Bothe because she had committed so hainous a faute , and forsware herself in denying the same.

21 / Ebr. to falle.

22 l That is, be it so, as thou wishest, as {psa. 41,14, deu. 27,14}.

23 m Shal wash the curses, which are writen, in to the water in the vessel.

26 / Or, perfume.

31 o The man might accuse his wife and not be reproued.