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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 21

1 a By touching the dead, lamenting, or being at their burial.

3 b For being maried she semeed to be cut of from his familie.

4 c Onely the Priest was permitted to mourne for his near kinred.

6 ! How pure the Priests oght to be, bothe in them selues and in their familie.

8 e Thou shalt counte them holy and reuerence them.

8 f The shewe bread.

10 g He shal vse no suche ceremonies as the mourners obserued.

12 i For by his annointing he was preferred to the other Priests, & therefore colde not lament the dead, lest he shulde haue polluted his holy ointing.

12 h To go to the dead.

18 n As not of equal proportion, or hauing in nomber more or lesse.

22 q As of sacrifice for sinne.