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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 20

2 a By Molech he meaneth anie kinde of idole, {Chap. 18:21}.

2 ! They that giue of their sede to Molech must dye.

4 c Thogh the people be negligent to do their dutie & defend Gods right, yet he wil not suffre wickednes to go vnpunished.

6 d To esteem sorcerers or conjurors is spiritual whoredome, or idolatrie.

6 ! They that haue recours to sorcerers.

11 ! Incest or fornication with the kinred or affinitie.

17 / Ebr. in the eies of the children of their people.

20 g They shalbe cut of from their people & their children shalbe taken as bastards: and not counted among the Israelites.

24 ! Israel a peculiar people to the Lord.

25 k By eating them contrarie to my commandement.