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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 22

2 a Meaning that the Priests absteine from eating , so long as they are polluted.

3 ! Who oght to abstiane from eating the things that were offred.

4 c By touching anie dead thing, or being at the burial of the dead.

10 e Some read, the seruant which had his eare bored and wolde not go fre, {Exod. 21,6}.

10 d Which is not of the tribe of Leui.

16 h For if they did not offer for their errour, the people by their example might commit the like offence.

25 i Ye shal not receiue anie vnperfect thing of a stranger, to make it the Lords offring: which he calleth the bread of the Lord.

32 k For whosoeuer doeth otherwise then God commandeth, polluteth his name.