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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 10

1 a Not taken of the altar which was sent from heauen, & endured til the captiuitie of Babylon.

3 b I wil punish them that serue me otherwise then I haue commanded, not sparing the chief, that the people may heare and praise my judgements.

6 d In destroying Nadab and Abihu the chief, and menacing the rest, except thei repent.

6 c As thogh ye lamented for them, preferring your carnal affection to Gods just judgement, {Deut. 14:1 & 33:9}.

6 ! Israel murneth for them, but the Priests might not.

9 ! The Priests are forbidden wine.

14 / Or, right, or, portion.

14 e For the breast and shulders of the peace offrings might be broght to their families, so that their daughters might eat of them, as also of the offrings of first frutes, the first borne, and the Easter lambe, read {chap. 22,12}.

20 h Moses bare with his infirmitie considering his great sorow, but dothe not leaue an example to forgiue them that maliciously transgresse the commandement of God.