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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 9

1 a After their consecracion: for the seuen daies before the Priests were consecrate.

2 b Aaron entereth into the possession of the priesthode & offreth the foure principal sacrifices: the burnt offring, the sinne offring, the peace offrings, & the meat offring.

5 c Before the altar, where his glorie appeared.

7 d Read for the vnderstanding of this place, {Ebr 5,3 & 7,27}.

10 e That is, he laied them in ordre, and so thei were burnt when the Lord sent downe fire.

14 f All this must be vnderstand of the preparacion of the sacrifices which were burnt after, {vers. 24}.

22 h Because the altar was nere the Sanctuarie which was the vpper end, therfore he is said to come downe.

22 ! Aaron blesseth the people.

23 i Or, praied for the people.

24 / Or, gaue a shoute for joye.